XLX 750

Located in Levin, New Zealand | Hosted by ZL1OZ / ZL2AUS

XLX 750 is Dedicated to Micheal Lees ZL1KAN

He was a huge supporter of this reflector

Network Status

BrandMeister Modules

D-Star Reflector     Module A Linked to BM TG5320 / CQ UK   Module B linked to BM TG91   Module C linked to BM TG53050   
Fusion Reflector    Module D linked to BM TG53099    Module F linked to BM TG50525   Module M Dedicated to Mike ZL1KAN   
NXDN Reflector     Module Q linked to BM TG5054   Module T linked to BM TG53060   Module U linked to BM TG2350  
Wires-X                   Module X linked to BM TG3100   Module Z linked to BM TG530  
XLX 750 NZ

Other Reflectors

Reflector Website Hosted by
XLX751 nz751.duckdns.org Nat - ZL2NAT
XLX287 xlx287.zl2wl.nz Wane - ZL2WL

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